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Natural Childbirth Specialist

Donna Richey, MD & Julie Oates, CNM

Obstetrics and Gynecologist located in Torrance, CA

Having a baby is a unique experience full of personal choices, from deciding the right time to conceive to creating a birth plan. Board-certified OB/GYN Donna Richey, MD, is a strong advocate of natural childbirth at her private practice in Torrance, California. Dr. Richey has the lowest Cesarean section rate of all OB/GYNs at her hospital and supports mothers in achieving the specific birthing experience they desire. If natural childbirth is important to you, call or book an appointment online today.

Natural Childbirth Q&A

What is natural childbirth?

No matter how it happens, all forms of childbirth are natural, beautiful, and empowering. But the term “natural childbirth” refers to labor and vaginal delivery with minimal or no medical intervention. 

Instead of using an epidural or medications to relieve pain, you may use breathing techniques, massage, or meditation to relax during labor. 

If you envision your labor and delivery free from IVs, epidurals, and episiotomies, Dr. Richey and her team strive to make that happen for you. 

However, complications may arise that require medical intervention, such as an emergency Cesarean section, to protect your wellbeing and your baby’s. 

What are the benefits of natural childbirth?

Women gave birth naturally for centuries before advances in modern medicine. You may feel more empowered relying on your natural instincts rather than medical intervention. 

Natural childbirth involves placing the baby directly on your stomach after delivery rather than taking them away to be weighed right away. Studies show that this immediate skin-to-skin contact may facilitate bonding and breastfeeding.

A natural childbirth also means you can move around during labor because there’s no IV or epidural attached. You’re free to walk, take a shower, or squat on an exercise ball if it makes you more comfortable. Many women find this more appealing than laboring in a hospital bed. 

What are the risks of natural childbirth?

Natural childbirth also comes with risks. You will feel the full intensity of labor contractions and the delivery process. Even if you planned on a natural birth, it’s OK to ask for an epidural at any time if the pain becomes too much to bear. 

Another risk is that you may need general anesthesia in case an emergency C-section is necessary and an epidural isn’t in place.

How do I know if natural childbirth is right for me?

You may be a good candidate for natural childbirth if you’re pregnant with one baby and are at least 37 weeks along when it’s time to give birth. 

Natural childbirth may not be safe or possible if you’re pregnant with multiples, have a baby in the breech position, or have a high-risk pregnancy. 

If you’re looking for an OB/GYN who supports the natural birth movement, call Donna Richey, MD, or book an appointment online today.